Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's say it's spring!

We're back after our holiday break.  Hope everyone's holidays were merry.  Sales were steady through December and we appreciate everyone who visited the farm.  In talking to people, I was interested to find that we are not the only ones who focus on stocking stuffers.  Growing up, we loved them, even more so as we got older.  Finally, my mom made "boodle bags" to handle the overflow.  We still exchange stocking stuffers (and gifts) with my sister who lives out of town.  Several customers mentioned that they also really liked and focused on stocking stuffers in the families.  Stocking Stuffers rule!

Also, yes, we are open.  Many people think we close after the spring season or are closed all winter.  Actually, we're open five days a week, Tuesday thru Saturday from April through December.  After our holiday break, the shop is open three days a week, Thursday thru Saturday 9-5 through March.  When the greenhouse opens in April, we go back to five days a week.  In the winter, people shop for gifts, supplies, since they might have more time for projects, dried herbs and spices, ditto for cooking, oils, soaps and lotions for relaxing and soothing dry skin, teas for relaxing and warming and books for dreaming of spring.  Our herbal and garden calendars are now half off.

I enjoyed the snow we had.  The snow melts off the greenhouses and must be shoveled away from the sides so it doesn't  push in on the plastic.  One thing I've noticed since we've had the greenhouses is that it usually snows at night.  So, it was nice that it snowed during the day.  It wasn't too much and it was easy to shovel.  Lucy enjoyed herself, of course.  With her very short hair, I'm surprised she likes cold weather, but she does.  Loves to chase snowballs.

I did my first round of seeding early in January and the first batch of seedlings are in the basement.  Only a couple of flats - pansies and a few early perennials, including a new type of lavender grown from seed.  So, spring has officially started here!

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