Sunday, April 15, 2018

We've waited a long time for signs of spring this year. After about ten days of indecision, both our forsythia and star magnolia burst into bloom with the recent warm weather.

The forsythia will hold up, but the delicate star magnolia petals will be shed in the upcoming rain and wind. The ground underneath the tree will look like it has snowed when all the petals drop.

One sign of spring still missing has been noted by several customers. We haven't gotten perennials moved out of the greenhouse yet. We had planned to do it the end of last week, but the forecast for rainy, windy weather put that on hold. We'll try again this week. This is one of the latest "move out" dates we've ever had.

There's new growth appearing in the gardens. However, I think woody stemmed plants took a major hit from the extremely cold, windy weather we had in January. Two of my sage plants are dead and so far, I see no signs of new growth on lavender or santolina. Time will tell. None of my outside rosemary plants survived the winter.