Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thank you - and see you at Landis Valley?

Wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who came to our spring open house. The weather was crappy Friday and didn't improve until Saturday afternoon. But we had a steady stream of visitors both days. John and I both appreciate everyone slogging through the spring weather to visit. And almost everyone said they plan a return visit, so we can get to see people another time, or two.
Maybe we'll see you at Landis Valley. This year the garden faire is Friday and Saturday, May 6 & 7. We'll be in our usual spot in the Brothers' Courtyard. Pray for good weather!

You can plant perennials anytime you can work the ground. Annuals should be hardened off before planting. Place them outside, starting in a protected spot. Gradually expose them to more sun. Bring inside at night if the temperature is to dip below 40. After 5-7 days the plant will be acclimated to the outside and can be planted. Keep well watered until established. That should be easy this year!

I don't think the soil has warmed sufficiently yet to plant basil outside. It likes warm soil and nighttime temperatures in the 50's. It's fairly warm at night, but we need a few more sunny days to warm up the soil.

Established perennials will be lush and beautiful this year with all the ground water. If you have any perennials to divide, this is an excellent opportunity.
I've seen a couple bumblebees but haven't seen a single honeybee yet. I heard a bird chirping loudly on our deck and it was a pretty bluebird sitting atop a post. Also, I captured and released the first butterfly from the greenhouse - I think it was a painted lady. Usually at this time of year, they've been on a plant in a chrysalis and have just emerged as a butterfly. Later in the season, they just fly in and can't get out. Dragonflies are also not so smart - bees, on the other hand can find their way out.