Monday, January 14, 2013

I would like to interrupt this blog to make an announcement....
I am Maryanne, a friend of Kathy's who actually puts the posts up on her blog.

You should know that Kathy actually writes a bit more than what actually shows up here, and it is my fault!

Kathy types her entries on an actual typewriter, sends them to me - via snailmail, and I scan them, convert to text and post for her.  Since I am sometimes either too busy, or just too lazy, some of her posts either never show up, or might seem to be a little late, time-wise.

It is my fault and I have wanted to make this statement for some time!

Someday, we will convince Kathy to join us in the computer world, but until then, we will be using this procedure and hope that you will now understand why sometimes things may seem a bit out of synch.

Now - back to our regularly scheduled blog!

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