Saturday, March 31, 2012

NEW FOR 2012

Amberboa (Amberboa muricata) - This selection dazzled me in a catalog. A member of the aster family, it has spidery purple petals and grows about 30” tall. Sun-loving and easy to grow, it’s a great cut flower and blooms until frost. Delicate habit looks best planted in multiples.
(Annual - 30”).

Wild foxglove (Digitalis sp.) - Tall, ornamental biennial with mixed flower colors. Will tolerate a fair amount of shade, like along woodland’s edge. Allow to reseed after flowering (year 2) so it continues. Caution: Plant is toxic.
(Biennial – 2’-3’).

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum ‘Patio Tasty Fiesta’) – Another slow-bolting type (along with our ‘Santo’ variety) with a unique appearance. Finely cut, ferny foliage rather than standard broad leaves. Good taste and an ornamental plant, useful in the garden and also in mixed containers.
(Annual – 14”).

Dwarf purple basil (Ocimum basilicum ‘Dwarf Purple’) - We got this plant last season, as a substitution, so I knew nothing about it. Turns out it’s a very nice little plant. Similar to compact ‘Minette’ but with purple leaves with hints of green. Excellent flavor and fragrance, great in mixed container plantings. Definite ‘cute factor’ in this small plant. (Annual – 12”).

Plum lemon tomato (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Plum Lemon’) - Customers have asked for a yellow cherry tomato, and I found a promising heirloom variety. Lemon shaped, cherry sized with lower acid and sweet taste common in yellow tomatoes. Indeterminate variety – 88 days.

Rosemary – Paris (Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Paris) Will three times be the charm? I’ve been trying to obtain this more winter hardy variety for 2 years. Like ‘Arp’ and ‘Hill Hardy’, it may survive our winters outside. Keep your fingers crossed! (Tender Perennial – 48”).

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