Friday, March 1, 2013

Can it be spring?

It's beginning to look a lot like spring around here. There are numerous trays of little seedlings in various stages of development. Some have germinated and are just poking through the soil. Those planted the earliest are filling out the packs and looking like mini versions of the adult plants. Some, like lavender, are wonderfully fragrant even in their young stage. So far, l've only filled pots with soil in the greenhouse, in anticipation of planting.  Soon, starter plants will arrive and along with the mature seedlings, planting will begin in earnest. 

There's always one day in March when everything breaks loose and spring just charges in. Then it's non-stop busy throughout the season.

There are definitely some toads hibernating is the corner of the greenhouse. On sunny days, when it gets very warm in the greenhouse, they sometimes poke their faces out of the dirt - to cool off, I guess. I've seen two at a time there, but there are some other holes in the dirt, so there may be more than two. l'm glad they wintered over happily there.

At last check, all my outdoor upright rosemarys still survive. The creeping rosemary died off in January, but that wasn’t surprising as it seems to be the least winter hardy. It's still worth growing, for its habit and also the fact that it blooms so readily.

The spring newsletter will be out in a couple weeks, so keep an eye open for that. The shop remains open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5 through March. This year, the greenhouse opens April 2, and then we begin spring hours and are open 5 days a week through December.

We finally get our basement/family room completely put back together (it was flooded in fall 2011.) Luoy's happy because now she has her choice of places to relax - sometimes up, sometimes down. She always sleeps in the same place when we go away. A creature of habit for sure. 

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