Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early Fall

Written earlier - our apologies to you and to Kathy that we are not as prompt in getting her Blog posts up!  SO this was probably written in mid-October:

Even though the weather feels increasingly like fall, the garden still looks like late summer.  Annual vines that were delayed, like hyacinth bean and mina, are full and looking gorgeous along with pineapple and mexican bush sage, pink and white anemones, flowers for drying like cockscomb, statice and gomprena and even late blooming roses.  I'm not a huge fan of marigolds, but they sure look nice this time of year in their fall parade of colors.  I cut back my calendula or pot marigold hard after the flood and they are re-blooming nicely.  Nasturtiums are still going strong -- I just love their bright, vibrant colors.

I'm also surprised at how many things have really rebounded.  I went through after the flood to clean things up.  I cut back lots of things, perennial and annual, and waited to see what happened.  Most things pushed out new growth and are looking good.  Of course, they're still getting plenty of moisture.  I said to John the other day that they always say one inch of moisture per week is generally sufficient for most plants to do well.  Seems like we've had the inch every other day or so this season.

I'm working on the fall/holiday newsletter that will come out in the beginning of November.  My friend Sandy, who does all of our computer work had a direct lightning strike this summer, which killed her computer.  So we have reconstructed our mailing list.  If you're reading the blog and do not receive your newsletter or wish to be switched to an e-newsletter, please let us know.  Either call with your info (leave a message if you don't get me) or let us know when you visit.  We think we've recreated the list pretty accurately, but we may have inadvertently deleted some names.  We send out 2 newsletters per year, by mid-March and mid-November, so let us know if you haven't received yours.

Lucy is happy with the cooler weather.  She loves to lie in the sun as long as the air is cool.  She can also get back into the wilderness area as things start to die back.  There are loads of interesting smells back there and she loves to check them all out.

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