Saturday, July 25, 2020

Ordering from the Shop

Since our herb shop remains closed, we have listed most of our inventory here on the blog under category headings like Handmade Soaps, Essential Oils, DIY Supplies and Containers and Bulk Herbs and Spices. You'll also find prices and sizes, etc.

If you'd like to order products from the shop, call the farm at
(717) 492-9248. We'll take your order and arrange a time for you to pick it up. Payment will be due at pickup.

The plant sale is ongoing. Most plants are 50% off. We still have a good variety, perennials in particular. The greenhouse is open Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bulk Herbs and Spices

All priced listed are per ounce. However, most of the leafy herbs are quite light and an ounce will be a fairly large amount. We also sell bulk herbs and spices in quarter ounce and half ounce amounts. Bulk herbs and spices are not subject to sales tax.

Bulk Herbs and Spices

Allspice   $3.25/oz.                                  Lemon Thyme   $4.50/oz.
Anise Hyssop   $2.60/oz.                        Lemon Verbena  $4.50/oz.
Apple Mint   $2.60/oz.                             Licorice Root  $2.75/oz.
Arrowroot    $2.00/oz.                             Marjoram   $3.00/oz.
Attar of Rose Geran. 3.25/oz.                Marshmallow Root  $3.00/oz
Basil   $3.00/oz.                                       Nutmeg Geranium  $3.25/oz.
Calamus Root $4.75/oz.                         Nutmeg  $6.50/oz.
Calendula    $9.50/oz.                             Oak Moss  $3.00/oz.
Caraway Seed  $3.00/oz.                        Orange Mint  $2.60/oz.
Catnip   $4.00/oz.                                     Oregano $3.00/oz.
Chamomile Flwrs. $4.50/oz.                  Orris Root  $5.00/oz.
Chocolate Peppermint  $2.60/oz.         Parsley  $3.50/oz.
Cinnamon Basil   $3.00/oz.                    Patchouli  $5.00/oz.
Cinnamon Sticks  $2.75/oz.                   Peppermint  $2.60/oz.
Clary Sage  $2.60/oz.                              Pepper-Tellicherry $3.50/oz
Cloves   $5.50/oz.                                    Pineapple Mint $2.60/oz.
Comfrey  $4.25/oz.                                  Pineapple Sage  $2.60/oz.
Dill   $3.75/oz.                                          Purple Basil  $3.00/oz
Echinacea Root  $8.00/oz.                     Raspberry Leaf $2.75/oz.
Frankincense Tears $3.00/oz.               Rosemary  $3.00/oz.
Ginger Geranium  $3.25/oz.                  Rose Geranium $3.25/oz
Grapefruit Mint $2.60/oz.                      Rose Petals $3.50/oz.
Greek Basil   $3.00/oz.                           Sage  $3.25/oz.
Holy Basil   $3.60/oz.                             Savory  $3.50/oz.
Hops Flowers   $4.50/oz.                      Spearmint  $2.75/oz.
Horehound   $3.00/oz.                           Star Anise  $4.50/oz.
Juniper Berries   $3.50/oz.                    Tarragon   $5.00/oz.
Lavender Flwrs.  $4.00/oz.                   Thyme  $4.50/oz.
Lemon Balm  $2.60/oz.                         Valerian Root $3.50/oz.
Lemon Rose Geran. $3.25/oz.              Vanilla Beans  $4.00 each
Lemon Geranium  $3.25/oz.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

DIY Supplies and Containers

Base Oils, Butters, etc.

Apricot Kernel Oil - 4 oz. $3.75
Apricot Kernel Oil  - 8 oz. $6.75
Sweet Almond Oil  - 4 oz.  $6.95
Sunflower Oil  - 4 oz.  $3.75

Coconut Oil  - 24 oz.  $5.00

Shea Butter - 4 oz. $4.50
Mango Butter - 4 oz. $4.00
Cocoa Butter - 4oz. $4.00

Beeswax - 1 oz. $2.00
Beeswax - 4 oz. $5.50


Plastic Pipette $.50
Plastic Spray Bottle - 4 oz. $1.50
Plastic Lotion Bottle - 4 oz. $1.20
Plastic Lip Balm Tube $.50
Glass Roll-on Tube $1.40
Muslin Bag $.40
Amber Glass Bottle - .50 oz. w/ dropper top $1.50
Amber Glass Bottle  - 1 oz. $2.00
Lidded Glass Jar - 1 oz. $.50
White Plastic Lidded Jar - 8 oz. $1.80
Dark Plastic Lidded Jar  - 2 oz. $1.50
Medium Dark Lidded Jar  - $2.50
Small Hex Glass Jar - 45ml $.75
Large Hex  Glass Jar - 110ml $1.25
Glass Bottle w/Neck - 5 oz. $.95
Glass Mason Jar - 8 oz. $1.50
Green Glass Vinegar Cruet  $3.99

Monday, July 20, 2020

Herbal Teas

Five teabags per pack   $2.25/pack

Adelma's Herbal - mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram,
                                 chamomile, calendula

Afternoon  Herbal - chamomile, hibiscus flower, rose hips
                                     orange peel, cinnamon

Citrus Spice - chamomile, lemon verbena, orange peel,
                         rosemary, cinnamon

Daydreamer's Delight - catnip, chamomile, marjoram, spearmint

Herbal Quartet - peppermint, chamomile, rose hips, hibiscus

Herbal Stomach Soother - lemon verbena, mint, thyme, rosemary

In the Pink - mint, cranberry flavored herb tea, spices

Lemony Lemon - lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemon geranium
                                lemon thyme, lemongrass, lavender

Spicy Mint - spearmint, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom
                       vanilla bean

Loose Tea Blends  1 oz.   $7.00

Snuffles - peppermint, elder flowers and berries, nettle, ginger,
                  goldenrod, raspberry leaf, yarrow, hyssop

Sunset Serenade - white tea, elderflower, hibiscus, spearmint,

Heart's Ease - green yerba mate, holy basil, mimosa bark, rose
                          petals, violets, lemon balm, stevia
Gift Items

Dog/Cat Treats

Canine Cookies  $1.59/pack of 5 + tax
Catnip Pillows   $2.99 + tax

Lavender Eye Pillows   $7.99 + tax
Lavender Bags   $1.99 + tax
Sleep Pillows   $3.99 + tax
Essential and Fragrance Oils

Essential Oils  (.5 oz. bottles unless otherwise noted. All bottles
                           have dropper tops.)

Basil - .25 oz.   $7.75                       Lemon   $8.00
Balsam Fir    $6.50                          Lemongrass   $8.50
Bergamot    $9.50                            Patchouli    $14.00
Cedarwood   $7.00                          Peppermint   $8.50
Cinnamon Leaf   $7.00                   Rosemary   $7.50
Clove Bud   $8.00                             Sweet Orange   $5.00
Eucalyptus    $10.50                        Clary Sage   $14.50
Rose Geranium    $9.00                   Tea Tree   $7.50
Pink Grapefruit   $6.00                   Ylang Ylang   $12.00
Lavender   $14.00

Fragrance Oils   $6.00 + tax

Bayberry                        Rose
Lilac                                Vanilla
Solid Perfume and Goat's Milk Lotion

Solid Perfumes (.25 oz. tins)  $6.99 + tax

Jasmine                              Rose
Lavender                           Sandalwood
Lilac                                   Violet
Patchouli                           Ylang Ylang

Goat's Milk Lotion   4oz.  $7.49 + tax

Almond-Vanilla                 Lavender
Citrus Basil                         Patchouli
Honeysuckle                      Victorian Rose